“Do You Want to Expand Your Presence Locally or Even Internationally?”

“Do You Have Products or Services You Wish to Sell Online but Don’t Know Where to Start?”

Consider if you had to set up a physical storefront. You can imagine the tedious processes and high expenses you would incur just getting it started, not to mention the stresses and pressure you put yourself under making sure everything comes out perfect and within budget! Also adding to your hassle are the daily operations, advertising, marketing and even maintenance needed to ensure your business thrives.

Where We Come Into the Picture

Cedarweb is NOT just about building websites but building online business systems. Here at Cedarweb we are able to take an existing or totally new business and give it an online presence. This means that your business, products and services are showcased both internationally and locally.

We will not only give you the global exposure you need but we will also build and integrate your website into ANZ’s e-Gate payment processing facility. This means that as a customer of ANZ you will now be able to receive instant online payments that go straight into your local bank account.

Under this business model you are giving your international and local customers first hand access to your products eliminating the middleman altogether.

Cedar Web Consultants is also prepared to take that extra step and market your products online. After all what good is a website if it doesn’t generate visitor traffic and sales. Here at Cedarweb we build your E-Commerce website for online success.

Ask yourself what would you look for in a website for your business? Would you be content with just a nice looking website that has pretty pictures and a nice story but probably does not get many visitors or would you prefer a website that has the potential to attract targeted online visitors and be able to process their purchases directly into your bank account. Let’s face it, as a business owner or entrepreneur you would look at your website as an investment that you expect a return on.

Treat your website as another branch of your business. For an offline business you would need additional staff, pay telephone and electricity bills etc. For a low monthly fee however we can maintain your website to ensure fresh up to date content, ensure that specials and seasonal promotions are uploaded when required and also carry out Search Engine Optimization and Social Marketing to ensure that your website always gets regular targeted visitors that are already looking for products or services such as yours to purchase.

This is a win-win situation for you, don’t you agree? Sell your products or services 24/7 without having to worry about overtime, opening hours and high operating expenses. Target local or international buyers depending upon the nature of your product and have the funds deposited straight into your bank account.

Sounds great? Well what are you waiting for? Contact us now to see how we can make this become a reality for you. We not only build websites but we build websites that can earn you an income even as you sleep. This is not an idle boast as we originally started off doing this under our parent company in 2008.

From day one we have focused entirely on building websites that earn money twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Those websites are targeted at the highly competitive US online market. Our strategies are proven to work as we now receive regular commission checks from major worldwide business entities such as Amazon and Google.

We are also the first in Fiji and only the second in the Pacific to have successfully integrated an ecommerce website into ANZ Bank’s eGate payment processing platform enabling local businesses to accept online payments. This in itself has opened up a completely new frontier with massive potential. With our range of packages and options available we can make your dream become a reality to help grow you and your business to the next level.

“The future of doing business is online. Get a head start and be part of that future now before your competitors find out and leave you behind.”

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